Wednesday, February 15, 2006

The manifesto, or: zero readers does not equal zero concern.

It's a trap!!!

Blogging always seemed like a bad idea to me, because I could easily take up too much time writing about nothing. It is strange to worry about blogging content when you simulataneously know that no one is reading.

Anyway, here is the manifesto of this blog:

I will try and write only semi-coherent thoughts. No more "cheese is tasty" pointless posts.

I will keep personal news to a minimum, to try and keep myself relatively anonymous here. That probably will not work,as there are enough links on this page to make it easy with a little snooping to find out who I am. Still, I'd like to keep personal news confined to my personal web page.

I will touch on a variety of topics, and so this blog may become filled with non sequitur posts.

I will post at least once every two days, to keep myself thinking and to keep the writing muscles working.


If I add more to this manifesto, I will place the new points in italics.


Blogger Beth said...

But cheese is tasty and "food is good!"

6:50 PM  
Blogger Paleobiology said...

Thank you, beth, I appreciate that. I love cheese as much as the next person.

3:07 PM  

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